Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Houston, We Have a Problem

So I married my best friend from high school's ex boyfriend.


I did ask her permission first, and she had dumped him and he didn't do anything wrong it just didn't work out between them and she said yes and so I went for it and then it got serious and she freaked a bit and didn't talk to me for 6 months. And it wasn't exactly a brief relationship. It was more like a 3 year long, move across the country to be together thing.


And I think there was some post relationship scarring on both sides. But I have a happy marriage and she's started talking to me again so its all good, right?


Well, I had given up hope of my hubby going to my HS reunion with me on account of him not being able to get off work for more than a day or so and us not being able to afford plane tickets. Well then my sweet in laws found out I was plotting to drive me and the baby solo across the country and quickly volunteered to have my Mother's Day present be plane tickets for me AND the hubby.

Slight problem, since I'd given up hope, I decided to ask said friend if we could go together to the reunion. Yeah.... so now I get to tell my friend that I'm ditching her, after I ASKED HER, for her ex bf. Because the alternative is telling my hubby no I'm ditching him for his ex gf. *head desk... repeatedly* So just how big of a flaming bisnitch does that make me??

I suppose we could all go together which is totally cool with me but I'm not sure how well it would go over for either of them.


*head desk*

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