Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Letter to My Younger Self

Yes I am shamelessly copying an idea from MommyWantsVodka, but its a friggin good idea and I feel all inspired so I'm going with it.

A Letter to My Younger Self:

You really are beautiful. 

You never believed it when your mother said it because its her job and she has to say that. Here's the thing: its actually true. And your beauty is completely independent of your current dress size. There are women out there that are big AND beautiful. Its possible and you've got it in spades. So stop freaking out and hating on yourself.

Chubby girls get married too.

Any man that doesn't want to be with you because you're not the perfect size is the kind of a-hole you don't want to be with anyways. Any man worth having will see you for who you are and love you no matter what. Hell, he'll even see just how beautiful you are inside and out and never allow you to say otherwise ever again.

Stop the Negative Self Talk

You started it in middle school. Because if you made fun of you before they did then it defused the situation. It bought you more social acceptance but the cost was what was left of your self esteem. And after a while you start to believe it. So just stop it right now. You wouldn't allow some one else to talk like that about someone you love so don't you dare say those things about yourself. You might have stupid moments, but thats part of life and learning and does not mean that you are stupid. Theres a difference. And its a big one.

You are really fricking smart

Thanks to those stupid test in elementary school that always came back saying you didn't quite make the gifted mark you decided that you were dumb. BUT when they let you in the gifted/talented program on accident, you were like a fish who just found water. You are not an average intelligence person who just works hard. You really, truly are a really intelligent person. So stop telling yourself you're stupid and not as good as all the other kids in your honors classes and that you just work hard and thats why you're there. Step up and accept the fact and you belong there. There isn't anything you can't learn and master with a good teacher.

Even if you are bigger than you want to be: You are STILL okay

Being larger than you want to be does not make you worthless, ugly, a bad person, or any of the other horrible things you tell yourself. You cannot afford to hate yourself for it. Life is too the frick short and hate just robs you of the energy you need to function. You are still wonderful regardless of your size. Maybe someday you'll beat it, maybe you won't. But either way, it does not affect your worth as a person.


Stuffing everything until you explode is not the way to go through life. Talk to people. More correctly - talk directly to the person you're having a problem with. If they won't talk to you, then screw it they're not worth it. But don't talk to everybody BUT the person you've got a problem with. Thats crap. Talk to them and deal with them directly and honestly and deal with things when they're little. That way they never get big.

There is a right way and a wrong way to say everything

Before you jump into the communication thing, take some time to pray about it, think it through, write it out, ask somebody else's opinion on your wording just in case. Saying something the wrong way can cause irreversible damage. I'm not saying this to frighten you into not talking. I'm saying this so that you recognize that when you're angry the odds are not good that you'll say things the right way. So step back, take a breather, figure out whats REALLY bothering you about the situation and pray for the inspiration to find the right way to communicate that with the other person.

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