Friday, April 23, 2010

Hurry Up and WAIT

So after several days of frantic planning and plotting and multiple anxiety attacks and what I'm sure must be highly repetitive blog posts we're now entering the Holding Pattern. Now we get to hurry up and wait and see what happens. After the vote next month I'll have a clearer picture. But I found out life was not what I thought so then I got to run around and plot several different contingency plans and blah blah blah and now all of the sudden here we are and theres NOTHING I can do except wait and see. *sigh*

Because if the tax increase passes then things are MUCH less complicated. We still have grad school shopping to do and apps to get in but its not like we've got a big life altering rush to figure things out.

If the tax increase does NOT pass and Adam is suddenly out of a job then life gets complicated. Because first order of business will be finding a NEW JOB. And odds are not good we'll find one in this state. Which means moving, which in and of itself is not a bad thing, but it means moving before we know for sure he can get into a graduate program in the place we move to. That means if we pack up and move (which costs a heckuva lot more now days than it did when I was in college and you threw everything in the back of one minivan and called it good) and get a job and start a new life and then find out the program there won't accept him?? That would suck. In VERY expensive ways!

So we're hoping from the anxiety perspective that the tax thing passes because it buys us time to move at our pace. From the "I wanna be back in Texas yesterday" perspective its kind of annoying. But oh well.

The only thing I haven't really looked into yet is selling the house and what all is going to be involved in that mess. I mean I know the basics like certain things need to get fixed first. And things have to get a heckuva lot cleaner before we can show the house to anybody. But most of the big stuff *knock on wood* is still kosher from when we bought the house.

But then theres me chopping at the bit to get to Texas so much so that I've already found out what part of Austin I want to live in and located 7 houses I'd like to look at. lol.

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